What's the difference between a "trading system" and "trading automation"?
What is a "trading robot" or a "black box"?
Is 4X-DAT™ a "trading robot" or a "black box"?
What is the difference between 4X-DAT™ and other Forex trading systems or programs?
Isn't trading a DEMO account usually vastly different from real live trading results?
Why isn't everybody using your software to trade Forex?
Will the 4X-DAT™ work on any OS (operating system)?
What is the purpose of the Monitoring Service?

Q: What's the difference between a "trading system" and "trading automation"?
A trading system (or a trading strategy) is simply a set of trading rules or conditions which a trader follows in order to execute his or her trades, whereas trading automation will help automate the execution of those trades. In other words, if you have a lousy trading strategy, no amount of automation will help you achieve positive results. You will still be trading badly, except with an automated system. Automated trading software simply helps you execute your trades without having to sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day. It also eliminates most of the human emotion, which is largely responsible for a lot of bad trades.

Q: What is a "trading robot" or a "black box"?
"Trading robots", "black boxes", also called "EAs" or "Expert Advisors" are terms commonly used to describe simple trading strategies that purport to be proprietary Forex trading systems, which are programmed using simple computer language utilized by 3rd party trading platforms such as MT4, NinjaTrader, etc.. Today, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of them, each claiming to be the Holy Grail, when in fact, they are nothing more than a combination or an arrangement of common technical indicators, set to certain unspecified and non-transparent values (parameters) coded in a "black box" (i.e. no one other than the programmer/creator knows which indicators and what set of parameters are being used -- hence "proprietary").

However, much like with any individual technical indicator, the accuracy of an indicator or a trading signal is highly unpredictable. Just because the market crosses over a commonly accepted 20-day moving average, this doesn't mean that the market is now in an uptrend, or vice-versa. Sometimes it is, other times it is not. Similarly, when you change a parameter of an indicator to some other "proprietary" value, say 28, or 58, or anything else for that matter - the final long term outcome is still the same - if you're lucky, you might be correct 50% of the time on an average. The same would be true about any other indicator or any combination of indicators.

4X-DAT™ is not based on technical indicators hidden in a "black box". It is a full blown, stand alone, completely flexible automated trading platform, utilizing pure mathematical trading protocols. There is simply nothing quite like it.

Q: Is 4X-DAT™ a "trading robot" or a "black box"?
4X-DAT™ is neither a black box nor a trading robot. The 4X-DAT™ software is a completely stand alone, fully customizable, self-contained trading platform which utilizes its very own indicators, commands, and mathematical algorithms to build over 38,000,000 possible executable trading setups, all of which are 100% transparent because they are fully customizable by the user. In other words, the user will set up the software to trade the way he/she wants. It is not a "black box" that some "computer guy" coded and says it produces good results. No one has a crystal ball and no one can predict what types of results a specific trading strategy will produce in the future -- particularly when it is based on historical data! The 4X-DAT™ software has 3 primary functions: 1.) Trade entry, 2.) Profit taking, and 3.) Trade recovery (in the case of a market reversal against the original trade). All of these functions are specified by parameters set by the user, not hidden in a "black box".

Q: What is the difference between 4X-DAT™ and other Forex trading systems or programs?
As of this writing, we are not aware of any other automated Forex trading software or any trading platforms that are even remotely capable of performing in the same capacity as 4X-DAT™. As mentioned in one of the previous segments, most programs are the so-called "EAs", "robots", or "black boxes" typically capable of executing one non-transparent trading strategy, created on the basis of some past, or hypothetical results, which have absolutely nothing to do with future markets. Additionally, these strategies are rarely adaptable to changing market conditions, and rely largely on the trader's blind faith that the strategy will perform in the future in a similar fashion as it might have in the past.

Q: Isn't trading a DEMO account usually vastly different from real live trading results?
Typically yes. However, with effective automated trading, the results don't have to differ too dramatically. In fact, using the 4X-DAT™ software, there is virtually zero difference between real live trading and demo trading, because the software merely processes data. It has no emotions and it doesn't care whether it is trading real money, fake money, or marbles. Data is data -- and the data used in our demo trading is the very same, identical real-time data used in live trading.

The reason why results between real money trading and demo trading typically VARY is due largely to human emotions. This results in DEMO accounts showing far better results and greater profits, since HUMAN traders often panic under the pressure of REAL capital being "on the line", consequently resulting in bad trades. In our case however, both trading is done by the very same software (not a human) processing the same set of data.

The only factor that may cause a slight variation between demo and real trading results is possible slippage at the time of trade execution on market orders and a potential issue of liquidity during thinly traded market hours. This is, however, not a hugely significant factor in the long run. Always remember, past performance is never a guarantee of future results, because market conditions rarely, if ever, repeat identically.

Q: Why isn't everybody using your software to trade Forex?
The only possible reason is because they don't know about 4X-DAT™ yet.

Q: Will the 4X-DAT™ work on any OS (operating system)?
A: At this time, the 4X-DAT™ software is currently only supported by Microsoft Windows. Apple-MAC users will need to download and install a Windows converter on their MAC. Affiliates and or customers can purchase (independently at their cost) and install what is known as parallels software on their MAC. Click Here

Q: What is the purpose of the Monitoring Service?

No technology in the world is 100% accurate, 100% of the time!! This is unfortunately true when it comes to the communication link between the 4X-DAT™ servers and the live broker, and there are rare instances when this communication link can be temporarily broken. Additionally, virtually all brokers "shut down" for a few minutes each day during the time of their "rollover" (account settlements). It is during these times when a live trading account can get out of sync with the software. Although our software continually reconciles and synchronizes the account, in a case of a lost "communication packet" when the software has not received trade confirmation from the broker, the account may get out of sync. Since each trader is responsible for his/her own account, this service may come in very useful, particularly to those new 4X-DAT™ users who are not yet 100% familiar with all of the idiosyncrasies of the software. The purpose of the Monitoring Service is to immediately identify any such situations and correct them if necessary. This service is actually performed by an experienced live human, who will re-synchronize the software so it continues to perform optimally.