What is Software Monitoring?
No technology in the world is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. This is unfortunately true when it comes to the communication link between the 4X-DAT™ servers and the live broker, and there are rare instances when this communication link can be temporarily broken. Additionally, virtually all brokers "shut down" for a few minutes each day during the time of their "rollover" (account settlements).It is during these times when a live trading account can get out of sync with the software. Although our software continually reconciles and synchronizes the account, in a case of a lost "communication packet" when the software has not received trade confirmation from the broker, the account may get out of sync with the software.

Since each trader is responsible for his/her own account, this service may come in very useful particularly to those new 4X-DAT™ users who are not yet 100% familiar with all of the idiosyncrasies of the software. The purpose of the Monitoring Service is to immediately identify any such situations and correct them if necessary. This service is actually performed by an experienced live human, who will re-synchronize the 4X-DAT™ software so it continues to perform optimally.

It is important to note that while our monitoring service functions as a technological safeguard, ensuring synchronization of the software with the broker's servers and alignment of the software's trade orders with the execution of those orders by the broker, the Software Monitoring Service does not alert in instances when the brokers' servers shut down. The brokerage you have chosen is fully responsible for the maintenance and proper function of their own servers. Additionally, the 4X-DAT™ Software Monitoring service can only monitor trades placed by the software or through the software. Therefore, any trades placed outside of the software within your live trading account cannot be "seen" by the software. Global Profit Technologies, Inc. does, however, maintain logs of all orders placed by the software on behalf of each software client. Our clients may have access to these logs, in rare instances where unauthorized trading activity on the part of the broker is suspected, allowing our clients the ability to reconcile all trading activity in their account with trades placed by the software. This is yet another example of our commitment to providing full transparency to our clients.

Is Software Monitoring Similar to a Managed Account Service?
No. Global Profit Technologies, Inc. offers the 4X-DAT™ software to our clients for their own private use with their own brokerage account. Our clients are in full control and have full responsibility for their own trading accounts. Global Profit Technologies, Inc. does not offer investment or trading advice. Additionally, Global Profit Technologies, Inc. does not manage client funds, place trades on behalf of our clients, or advise clients on how to manage their own accounts.